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Dr. Maria Aumick

Dr. Maria is the founder of Whole Life Center for Health, Ltd. She is thankful that her personal vision of having a holistic wellness center where people can come to and be empowered to heal, learn and grow is being realized. The center’s team share and help her to grow this vision every day. She is excited for the center’s growth and continuing expansion that lead a person to greater vitality. At the same time, she appreciates that her personal goal of working and playing as a chiropractor is her true purpose! Furthermore, she is grateful that she gets to help with the nutritional component of people’s wellness as they come to Whole Life.

Dr. Maria graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, Spartanburg, S.C., in 2000. She received many prestigious awards upon graduation, including the Milton Garfunkel Award, the Philosophy Award, the Clinic Excellence Award as well as the Academic Distinction Award (highest G.P.A.). Dr. Maria has also been the recipient of various Who’s Who Among Chiropractors, Chiropractic Students, and Women in Business throughout the years.


Dr. Maria has done an extensive amount of chiropractic training and teaching beyond her Doctor of Chiropractic education. She was on the teaching staff with BioGeometric Integration Seminars from 2001-2006. She has traveled throughout the country and internationally to teach other chiropractors and chiropractic students. She also helped to teach Masterpiece Training Camp in Keystone, Colorado in 2004. Dr. Maria offers Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) as well.

She especially enjoys working with expectant mothers, newborns, and children. Life changes quickly here and she loves to witness it. She is certified in the Webster Technique, which can help mothers and babies have a happier and healthier pregnancy and delivery.

She is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, which promotes the education and advancement of chiropractic for kids. Also, her joy of assisting the human body to accelerate its healing, learning and flourishing potential includes people of all ages. As long as there is breath, there is possibility for increased life and health.

Prior to attending chiropractic school, she worked extensively with autistic children. Dr. Maria now sees these children to help them through chiropractic and nutritional support and loves every minute. She knows they are a special group that can use many healing methods to increase their life potential. She is truly touched to be a part of each one of their lives.

Believing in lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Maria continues to educate herself through continuing education seminars where she is both the teacher and the student, or where she is just the student.

She resides in Mountain Top, PA, with her husband Joe, daughter Juliette, and her dog Rumi. She considers herself blessed to be back in the area she grew up in and surrounded by the love of family.

Dr. Brian Carman

Dr. Brian is a 1996 graduate of New York Chiropractic College and is a certified McKenzie Therapist. He has over 20 years of experience utilizing chiropractic rehabilitation. He has dedicated extensive time to post graduate training in chiropractic techniques, soft tissue therapies, nutrition, myofascial release, acupuncture as well as mobilization and exercise protocols.

Dr. Brian’s experience has also included working in a multidisciplinary outpatient setting at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, and has served on the editorial board for the McKenzie Journal USA.  Dr. Brian has been a part of the WLCFH team since April 2015. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Brian also provides patients with meridian therapy (non-needle acupuncture) and cold laser therapy.

Dr. Brian incorporates the Active Mobilization Release technique as a complement to the chiropractic adjustment.  AMR is used to address pain, loss of movement, or loss of function via chiropractic principles, movement assessment, joint mobilization, soft tissue work, and patient-specific exercises.  “My goal with AMR is to find the right key to open to the door to improve the body’s motion and function to allow the chiropractic adjustment to work at its greatest potential.”


He is also co-founder of Applied Diagnostic Therapy seminars and has taught on a post-graduate level since 2006, teaching courses on diagnostic and treatment procedures.  Dr. Brian also enjoys woodcarving in his free time.

Joseph Barley, Cht

Joe is a certified hypnotherapist who was trained by Masters Center of Hypnosis Sciences. He specializes in assisting adolescents and adults in weight loss, self-esteem, smoking cessation and performance enhancement. He is also trained in various other areas with many different techniques depending on the person’s individual needs. Other areas include but are not limited to stress management, sports performance enhancement, eliminating phobias, and hypnosis for childbirth. He is happy to tailor a session to your specific needs.

In addition, Joe has been offering nutrition services for 8 years. He specializes in whole food, herbal, and homeopathic supplementation based upon nutritional response muscle testing, functional, and Zyto scan technology. More information regarding nutrition is available under our services page.

Dr. Stacie Sando

Dr. Stacie Sando is excited to join the Whole Life Center for Health family!  Ever since she was four years old, she had a dream to be a chiropractor.  At 17 years old, she suffered a freak accident while exercising in her house.   Chiropractic care gave her back the hope she had for the future.

Dr. Stacie is a 2003 graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic, a long time friend of Dr. Maria, and a fellow P.E.A.R.L award recipient.  For the past 18 years, Dr. Stacie has built a thriving practice in the Hazleton Area.  Through the years, she has seen the tremendous value and beauty in the Whole Life Center approach and the Whole Life Center technique.  So much so, that she has referred her practice members, her family and she has even been a patient herself. She brings her excited and dedicated personality to the Whole life Center with a wide range of experience and training in chiropractic including the very same technique used by Dr. Maria and Dr. Brian! Dr. Stacie is also a certified medical examiner and will be offering DOT physicals for CMV drivers

Dr. Stacie resides in Drums with her husband Chris, three children, Christopher, Gianna, and Dominic, and also her two dogs Stax and Rocky.  When not at the office, public speaking, or pursuing more education, she devotes her time to her whole family and multiple youth sports groups, coaching and organizing.

Sarah Eisenman

Sarah Eisenman is a licensed massage therapist who obtained her Diploma at Allied Medical in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2009. She is a member with ABMP.

Sarah specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Cupping massage. She continues current with additional continuing education.

Sarah loves her job and this is her passion to help others.

“massage is not just a luxury, it’s a way to a healthier happier life”

Wendy Reimiller-Reed, LMT

Wendy is a licensed massage therapist who trained at Health Options Institute in Northampton, PA. She joined the Whole Life Center for Health team in April 2015. She was born in Hazleton, PA, and has been practicing locally for over 17 years using several massage modalities such as Swedish, prenatal, geriatric, therapeutic, and deep tissue massage. She enjoys working with individuals suffering with both acute and chronic pain. In addition, she offers CranioSacral therapy, a light touch approach to releases tension, physical, and emotional trauma that may be confined deep within the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and to improve total body health and performance.

Wendy first received chiropractic care and massage therapy in 1995 for treatment of a running injury. She was so fascinated with her recovery that she decided to pursue a career in massage therapy and concentrated on working in a chiropractic and wellness setting where she gained extensive experience and knowledge assisting people in maintaining health through massage. In her free time, she enjoys running, dog training with her two black labs, camping, and fishing.