Chiropractic care focuses on balancing the spine so that the nervous system housed inside can transmit and receive information to and from the rest of our body as wholly and completely as possible. These signals can be interrupted by an imbalance in the spine, also called a vertebral subluxation. A subluxation can impair the conduction of these signals, causing miscommunication to the immune system, gastrointestinal system, and endocrine systems, for example. Our chiropractors employ a method categorized as a “tonal” technique to work with patients to restore balance to their spines and whole function to their nervous systems. By way of gentle palpation, they pay attention to the tone or tension of the body and spine as a whole, picking up patterns that course throughout the body. The cranium is also palpated, since 80% of the central nervous system is housed there. If there is strong tension and imbalance to the cranium, that can and often does influence the balance of the spine. When getting adjusted with this method, you may or may not hear anything at all. The method may be so gentle you almost do not know anything has happened other than becoming more relaxed until these chiropractors help you see what is changed on the first appointment. They know if they can help the tone of the body normalize, then the body is in a fantastic position to increase its’ own ability to heal. Other chiropractic techniques employed include Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Activator Methods, and Thompson. Here at the Whole Life Center for Health, we believe everyone can and does benefit from regular adjustments!