DOT Physicals are offered at The Whole Life Center for Health by appointment.  We realize that this service is important to all CMV drivers maintaining their ability to work and will do our best to get you scheduled in a timely manner.  With that in mind, there are a few things to remember:

The Day of the Exam

1.  Remember to bring the medical records you’ve prepared in advance, including your list of medications.

2.  Remember to bring your eyeglasses and/or your hearing aid (it’s surprising how many people forget).

3.  Drink water.  Come with a need to pee.  A small urine sample is needed for all physical exams.  This is required by DOT.

4.  Contact information.  Have names and numbers of your doctors just in case you need to call and have them fax missing information.

Things to Plan in Advance

1.  Diabetic Condition- bring a list of medication and prescribing doctor also a copy of your most recent A1C.

2. High Blood Pressure- Bring a list of your medications and the prescribing doctor.

3. Heart Condition- If you’ve had a heart attack or cardiovascular disease, you’ll need to bring a copy of your last stress test, Ekg, and possibly an echocardiogram.  Your cardiologist’s name and contact information.

4.Sleep Apnea- Bring a copy of your latest print out on your CPAP machine.

This is a great start to being prepared for your DOT exam.  If you have any questions, our staff would be glad to help you find the answers when you call the office.